Blankenship's English Shepherds

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I am so very sad to tell you that we lost our puppies.  We are beyond grieved that we won't have one of her wonderful babies to keep and carry on her line.  I know many others were looking forward to those babies, and I am just sorry.  Just a short synopsis, she was to have a small litter, and went into stage one labor right on time, but did not progress to stage two, so I called the vet after as we approached 20 and 24 hours for advice/intervention. They simply would not take me serious and repeatedly told me she was NOT in labor and basically I should chill.   In the end, we ended up with a delivered large dead puppy 12 hours later and a C-Section to deliver the others and save her life a few hours later.  Though they take responsibility that they messed up and are addressing it with their staff, it has been a terrible loss for us.  



We are expecting puppies October 1st!   I have been waiting for two years for this breeding...I really, really wanted this last litter so I could keep one of Sadie's babies!  

It was such a long trip for her to visit Cadron Creek's Duke, but worth it as these will be such fantastic puppies!


Our Sweet Sadie...gentle mom to all puppies and grandkids.

Blankenship's English Shepherds


 Cadron Creek's Duke Is A Dandy is the sire of this litter.  He resides in Knoxville, TN.


Sadie/Duke puppies from a few years beautiful and so well-tempered.